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[x] torchwood meme: five episodes

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang


teehee ..yes i did this again. never get tired of this scene. :PP


JAMES: The truth is it really is not that sexy to do screen kissing or love scenes. You are usually farely embarassed about it, and you’re doing something very intimate in a very public space, and I’m not a porn star…  I think it was about as fun to kiss John as it was to kiss Sarah …

GARETH: Unlike James, I am a porn star… and I tend to forget I’m acting.

You can watch the video here (clickiieee).

Lol, i LOVE you Gareth!! (miss u!!)

Owen: Ah, yes, sorry? What’s a Time Agent?
John: What? He’s never told you about his past? 
Gwen: No, he hasn’t.


Note the sarcasm

That’s a poodle. 

That’s a poodle


John: Come on! Sing along! It’s our song!

Jack: We don’t have a song! And if we did have a song, it wouldn’t be this song!

John: You’re no fun!

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Gwen: John’s right. Sorry. Do you prefer John or Captain.
John: With eyes like yours, you can call me Vera and I won’t complain.

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