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9.20 Sacrifice

9.20 Sacrifice

Oliver and Chloe (Smallville) + faceless

Chloe & Oliver | Stay With Me

"Guess its true, I’m not good at a one night stand / but I still need love ‘cause I’m just a man." 

You know a ship is epic when: The Apocalypse is coming, and your ship goes screw that. Let’s make out right under the GIANT ball of fire in the sky.

Lol, Chlollie I love you so much. My adorable bad-ass blondes.image

otp challenge: 3/7 scenes - Oliver and Chloe - Smallville 10.21 Finale

Green Arrow and Watchtower

otp challenge: 4/6 moments - Oliver and Chloe - Smallville 9.20 Sacrifice 


It’s all about your heart. Just listen. Right there in between the beats.  That’s when you let go. 

"You already know what you really want. We all do. We just don’t listen."

"And you’re sure this is it?"


Chloe Anne Sullivan and her husband, Oliver Jonas Queen.