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JACK: We needed someone with police skills.
RHYS: Could’ve chosen anyone. Did you ever think about us? You know — me, her parents, people who love her, who want her safe?
JACK: No, sorry. We needed her. On her first day of work, she told me off for being too clinical.
RHYS: She doesn’t hold back, mate.
JACK: Mmmhmm, stubborn as hell.
RHYS: Tell me about it. Yeah, she’s an amazing girl. I’m a lucky man, Jack.
JACK: Yeah, you said it.
RHYS: I just wish you would’ve been uglier.
RHYS: You’re not gay, by any chance, are you?

this always makes me smile. i cud imagine being Rhys and seeing Jack for the first time and being all like ‘Oh bollocks! He’s gorgeous!!’ xD

And Gwen really was inappropriately crushing on Jack.

Owen: Ah, yes, sorry? What’s a Time Agent?
John: What? He’s never told you about his past? 
Gwen: No, he hasn’t.


best moment of the ep for me. i cried. i still cry. i actually cried this morning re-watching it, which was not good cuz i’m forced to church every Sun and already had my makeup and such done so I had to re-do it quickly before I was pushed out the door.

Beautiful scene. :-) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, these two as a couple would have been amazing. I would have quite enjoyed that. :-D So cute!!


Jack: I thought you’d gone. This could be your last chance.

Captain: That’s why I came back.

Jack: I might have to leave before the night is over.

Captain: Well, then make the most of now.

Awwww. :-‘) yet another teary moment. Gawd, now that I think of it I cried and fangirled a lot during this episode. What a great couple these two would have made. 


Tosh: What you’re thinking now… That’s pretty graphic.
Mary: That wasn’t my thought.
Tosh: What ?
Mary: I wasn’t thinking anything. That wasn’t my thought, must’ve been yours.
Tosh: That one, there, that’s yours.
Mary: Yeah, That was mine.
Tosh: I… Umm.. I certainly seem to be enjoying myself.
Mary: You would. You will.

again, another moment i had to gif (for obvious reasons) :P hot!


fawkme jack (ours) is so gorgeous here!!!! is it just me or is it jst me??

(had this in 3 parts originally but damn timing was totally fucked when i uploaded them so i just had to shrink the image and b&w it ..errg! so yea, included both the three parter image in colour and the b&w. whether or not it’ll work depends on the internet connection u got i suppose.)

I love how this was a one episode ship, but it is so very popular.  It was a great episode. 


this ep was beautiful. the little glances exchanged were freakin adorable don’t u think? :-3 *nods* yes yes they were!